Chen Chen - 陈辰

Dare mighty things.


I am a first year master’s student at Tsinghua University, studying robotics.

My research interests include human robot interaction and medical and healthcare robots.

I have been working as a research assistant at Intelligent Robotic Manipulation Lab in Tsinghua since 2021, advised by Professor Xiang Li. I am working as a research intern at Robotic Caregiving and Human Interaction (RCHI) lab in Carnegie Mellon University since this summer, advised by Professor Zackory Erickson.

Selected Publications

  1. iros2024.png
    Visual Attention Based Cognitive Human–Robot Collaboration for Pedicle Screw Placement in Robot-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery
    Chen Chen, Qikai Zou, Yuhang Song, and 2 more authors
    May 2024
  2. HAT2.png
    Independence in the Home: A Wearable Interface for a Person with Quadriplegia to Teleoperate a Mobile Manipulator
    Akhil Padmanabha, Janavi Gupta, Chen Chen, and 5 more authors
    In Proceedings of the 2024 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, Mar 2024
  3. tcst2023.png
    A Complementary Framework for Human–Robot Collaboration With a Mixed AR–Haptic Interface
    Xiangjie Yan, Yongpeng Jiang, Chen Chen, and 4 more authors
    IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Jan 2024
  4. icra2022.jpeg
    Adaptive Vision-Based Control of Redundant Robots with Null-Space Interaction for Human-Robot Collaboration
    Xiangjie Yan, Chen Chen, and Xiang Li
    In 2022 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 2022